A little MOBA introduction

After the toxic experience in LoL we are finding new fun and strength in Smite. Although I cannot say if we will be playing it stably in the long run, I couldn't but find your lack of knowledge disturbing.

So with time and passion I brought to you this MOBA for dummies thread, in which I cover the basics such as laning, pushing, ganking, jungling, warding, tanking, (technologic... technologic...) roles and (barely) game types.

I hope you will find it useful as much as the old WarRock guides (the old players will remember them). Also, if you wish, I could make another little guide regarding Hearthstone if you let me know.

Until then, I wish you happy farming in the lanes.

The search continues

It's no mystery that I've been searching for our old friends off and on again. We got back in contact with most of them, with the exception of two of them:

  • Ben: owner of Benki, Benkoss, Benzilda and other Ben* characters
  • Zelda: owner of Zeelda feral druid

I've tried hard for the past year and then some — several times in fact — to find them back, but since they stopped playing too I've had no luck. WE've had no luck. None whatsoever.

If any of you guys can help us find them, please do so. And if, by any chance, you guys stumble here upon weird searches on Google, please contact us.

Remember that no matter how much time has passed Grindhel, Persefonh, Drach, Xedaris and Woland are looking for you.

We miss you guys.

Battlefield 4 Platoon

Back in the days we used to play Battlefield 3 on Xbox360, but we now decided to do it properly. Our platoon is live and we're looking for more players to play together as an organized clan.

We lost a few players while moving from Xbox to PC, and given the bigger size of BF4 lobbies this is unacceptable.

If you (yes, you!) want to join our happy family feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be waiting.

United we stand, so let the killing begin and the blood flow.

Many a New Game

Howdy folks, there's been a lot going on behind the scenes. You might argue that it was behind the scenes solely due to the fact that I did not take the time to post about it. And you would be right in that, just don't say it out loud.

Let's start with Battle.Net: after long being gone from World of Warcraft, we have engaged in recreational activities under Hearthstone and StarCraft II. Rumors has it the clan will probably swarm (maybe shortly) Heroes of the Storm. Maybe it won't have the same toxic community as League of Legends (just maybe?), and probably (hopefully?) won't be a stone brick wall to crash into face first like Dota 2, especially for the inexperienced and/or casual players.

As probably already guessed from the aforementioned topics, League of Legends presence has plummeted down the floor and into the basement. Guild Wars 2, while still into our hearts and hard drives, struggles with the lack of raid content, which kind of deluded most of us.

Still shining as a holiday past-time, Terraria is highly regarded among our family, despite the recent nerfs. We still love you though, Re-Logic. We're also still floating our boats high up in the sky in Guns of Icarus: Online, and we will continue to do so for quite a while.

Battlefield 4, with its recent 50% off, stands amongst the most recently introduced multiplayer games in the family. We seek to port over the kids from the previous Xbox 360 glory to the PC, where it rightfully belongs.

The incoming release of Titanfall has also reminded us, if there was any need to in the first place, how much we love the best core of Infinity Ward that is now Respawn Entertainment. Nobody, yes, I said it, NOBODY who tried the beta has ever said "you know what, I don't like it". Because it's so well made, so polished and, omg dare I say it, so much FUN, lots of us already pre-ordered it. It's coming your way in less than a month now, why not grab a copy yourself and join our happy family?

And you can join us even without a copy, we're against any and all discriminations, and we equally love you all, including you, back there, hater going to hate.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is all for the clan update. We'll be seeing you in-game.

Or else...

Winter Sales 2013

It's that time of the year, again.

Winter comes and so do game sales on both GOG.com and Steam. First of all I urge you all to go to GOG and claim your free copies of Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics.

After that, given the nature of the GOG personal sales and after asking their guys, visit this thread to whether find out if you could use a discount offered or to post some offers you don't need.

It's all in the family :)